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SPARX Knowledge: Prevention of Harmful Behaviors in the Military

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13-24 May 2024

1100-1730 EST

03-14 Jun 2024

0900-1530 ET

22 Jul-02 Aug 2024

1000-1630 ET

05-16 Aug 2024

0900-1530 ET
About the Training

Per DoDI 6400.11, Integrated Primary Prevention (IPP) personnel levels 1-5 are required to complete DoD SPARX Knowledge: Prevention of Harmful Behaviors in the Military training and its pre-requisites. The DoD SPARX Knowledge primary prevention training comprises two mandatory online pre-requisite trainings, 4 hours total, followed by this two-week, 60-hour synchronous virtual training.

This training, Prevention of Harmful Behaviors in the Military, will focus on integrated primary prevention of self and other-directed harms; it covers primary prevention of suicide, sexual assault, harassment, child abuse and neglect, and domestic abuse. The goal of this training is to establish a common base of knowledge, skills, and resources within the prevention workforce for selecting, implementing, and evaluating research-based prevention activities. This training will provide foundational knowledge to perform integrated primary prevention core functions, including needs assessments, planning and implementing comprehensive approaches, and evaluating processes and outcomes.

Prevention of Harmful Behaviors in the Military includes instruction by trained facilitators, as well as individual and group activities to reinforce learning. Group assignments for activities are made on the assumption that all participants will be available on all days of the training.

Who Should Attend

This training was designed to support the Services in training their prevention workforce as required by DoDI 6400.11. This training is appropriate for Service members and DoD civilians serving in integrated prevention roles or supporting prevention activities. This training is not a victim-oriented/response training.

Although the training is open to non-IPPW members, space is prioritized for IPPW members. If you are not required to take this training, per policy, you will be moved to the waitlist and admitted only if space permits.

Registration and Requirements

Register for this 60-hour synchronous course by clicking the "Register" button at the bottom of this page and completing the registration form.

Prior to participating in this training, participants are required to:

  1. Complete two asynchronous virtual trainings via JKO, which contain foundational prevention information that helps to ensure that everyone begins the synchronous portion of the course with similar contextual information. You may self-register for these trainings via JKO (https://jkodirect.jten.mil/).
    1. PREV-001 Violence: A Preventable Public Health Issue (2.5-hours)
      1. As required in DoDI 6400.11
      2. Audience: IPP Support (Levels 1&2), IPPW (Levels 3-5), Program Specialists
    2. PREV-002 Sexual Assault in the Military and the Way Forward (1.5-hours)
      1. As required in DoDI 6495.02, Vol 2
      2. Audience: IPP Support (Levels 1&2), IPPW (Levels 3-5), Program Specialists (SAPR, SHARP)
  2. Complete a learning contract; you and your immediate supervisor must sign. After you register for this training, the learning contract will be e-mailed to you and your supervisor for completion.

After registering on this page for the training, you will receive an invitation for a pre-call that will occur the Wednesday before the start of the training session. During this call, training requirements, structure, and expectations are reviewed in detail. Students are also allowed to test their equipment and ask any questions they have about the training.

Note: If these training dates do not meet your availability or if you are not a member of the IPPW, an asynchronous version of this course is coming soon via JKO.

Certificate of Completion

To receive a certificate of completion, participants must maintain 100% attendance, uphold the rules for conduct, and pass a final post-training assessment.

Attendance is mandatory and participation is required; students will not receive certificates if engagement drops below our required threshold. Participants are also expected to uphold all expectations for student conduct and engagement outlined in the contract. Lastly, students will be required to pass an assessment on JKO at the end of Prevention of Harmful Behaviors in the Military; students will be given three attempts to pass the assessment.

Certificates of Completion will be provided and available for download via JKO after passing the final assessment.

We look forward to your participation.