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Implementing Biliteracy Seals to Strengthen Bilingual Education and Support Cultural Awareness

May 5, 2021

3:00-4:30 p.m. Central Time
About the Event

Currently, districts in 40 states, including New Mexico, and the District of Columbia offer a seal of biliteracy (or seal of bilingualism–biliteracy) to their graduating high school students. The biliteracy seal is one way for schools to recognize a student’s college and career readiness and is an example of how states can publicly acknowledge a student’s specific skills or knowledge equipping them for transition out of high school.

In this webinar, Samuel Aguirre of WIDA Español will provide an overview of bilingual education, biliteracy seals, and national trends. Brenda Arellano, PhD, will discuss REL Southwest’s work on biliteracy seals in New Mexico. Kadriye El-Atwani, PhD, of the New Mexico Public Education Department will describe New Mexico’s State Seal of Bilingualism–Biliteracy (SSBB). In addition, a panel of bilingual and tribal education leaders from Albuquerque, Clovis, and Cochiti Pueblo in New Mexico will discuss empowering students to engage with their communities and heritage through the SSBB and its benefits, how local stakeholders became involved, and the benefits for students after graduation.


Participants should expect to accomplish the following:

  • Gain a better understanding of the benefits of bilingual education.
  • Understand how states and districts are employing seals of biliteracy as components of their bilingual education program.
  • Learn about the specifics of the New Mexico State Seal of Bilingualism–Biliteracy and how it is being implemented in the state’s districts.

The webinar will be archived on the REL Southwest website. If you cannot attend the live event, please register to be notified when the webinar archive is available online.

We look forward to your participation.